1950’s Science-Fiction Chess Set

1950’s SCIENCE-FICTION CHESS SET 1950’s Science-Fiction Chess Set Design CATEGORIES 3D Modeling SKILLS Graphic Design 3D Modeling (Maya) Illustrator Photoshop

Banana B

BANANA B Click the link to play: Banana B CATEGORIES Interactive Video SKILLS Interactive Video Production Illustrator After Effects Eko Studio (Interactive Video Editor)

Black Board

BLACK BOARD Blackboard is a learning system used by George Brown College. It provides access to course materials and activities online, which allows professors to post learning elements for students to interact with. Students can also check their learning status, course announcements, grades and communicate with professors and other students. In a group of three, … Continue reading Black Board


CUBE The Cube is a video with a rotating cube to introduce the network software for the n-Gon Company. CATEGORIES Video SKILLS Video Production Photoshop After Effects


  DASH Dash is a hand-free payment system for public transit. The app functions with beacons setup on all TTC transit vehicles and can automatically sense when you board the vehicle. Soon as the passenger enters the vehicle the app validates his ride automatically, generates his boarding pass and registers the validation on the operator’s … Continue reading Dash

Happy Farm

HAPPY FARM Click the link to play the game: https://itch.io/embed/212582 CATEGORIES Unity Game SKILLS Unity Illustrator

Happy Growth

HAPPY GROWTH In a group of five, our team have came up with this project as a solution to help the city, Detroit. It is an App that provides information to instruct the users on how to farm. CATEGORIES Project Video SKILLS UI/UX Design Video Production Unity Arduino After Effects Illustrator Photoshop


JM & SONS From wireframing, mockups and coding, the responsive website was built with the content from the JM & SONS company. CATEGORIES Web Design UI/UX Design SKILLS Web Design UI/UX Design Java Script

Kopi Luwak

KOPI LUWAK Introducing the production process of Kopi Luwak Coffee with the video production and the infographic poster. CATEGORIES Video Infographic SKILLS Infographic Design Video Production After Effects 3D Maya Illustrator Photoshop

Mei Tu UI Evaluation Report

MEI TU UI EVALUATION REPORT Mei Tu Photo Editor is a photo editing application that has published in China for several years. The usability evaluation report evaluates the usability metrics against the subjective evaluations, and specific usability problems and recommendations for resolution. CATEGORIES UI/UX Design UI Evaluation Report SKILLS UI/UX Evaluation Usability Test Illustrator Photoshop

Mystery Cat

MYSTERY CAT Click the link to play: Mystery Cat CATEGORIES Interactive Video SKILLS Interactive Video Production After Effects Eko Studio (Interactive Video Editor)

Smart Locker

SMART LOCKER Smart locker is a high-tech locker designed for computer work station. It provides many features controlled by its digital interface. CATEGORIES Project SKILLS Prototype UI/UX Design Illustrator Photoshop


  SUBTWIST In a group of five, we have created Subtwist, it is an interactive game in the subway. This project includes: Video Introduction VR Scenario Game Arduino Pinball Game Visual Timeline for the City of Experiences CATEGORIES Project Video SKILLS 3D Modeling Unity VR Scenario Display

Super Baby Board Game

SUPER BABY BOARD GAME Strategy board game redesign CATEGORIES 3D Modeling SKILLS Graphic Design 3D Modeling (Maya) Illustrator Photoshop


TECH CATEGORIES Photoshop Graphic SKILLS Photoshop Illustrator